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Titus d.o.o. Dekani, SI-Slovenia | +386 5 66 90 213 | SI-6271 | #EM#64606f736d6b61477c607e7e7f7d627a633f717c79#EM#

Proven Solution
Hydraulic Technology
'Totally Integrated Engineering'

Titus dampers assure effective and efficient motion control in hundreds of millions of mechanisms in household appliances, pull-out systems, various lids and in Titus branded soft closing systems for furniture doors, drawers and sliding doors.

Consistent and reliable performance at any closing speed

Ability to fine-tune the damping curve

Low temperature sensitivity

We have the competence, experience and resources to offer support in all phases of the product life cycle: from product design to efficient high volume manufacture of small precision components

Damping in Various Industries

Why Titus?

Experience in Snubber Design

  • 15-year background designing and manufacturing dampners
  • Existing customers in many industries including appliance, door hardware, and furniture
  • 'Totally Integrated Engineering' provides complete manufacturing and engineering assimilation into your products


  • Several existing platforms for damper size and construction
  • Modular damper design allows quick customization of damping solutions

Damper Quality

  • Automated assembly with integrated quality inspection
  • All seals ultrasonically welded to prevent oil leakage
  • Laser marked for lot-control and traceability

Titus Worldwide Support

  • Local engineering and sales support available globally
  • Existing customers in over 60 countries
  • Primary manufacturing in Slovenia