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Titus d.o.o. Dekani, SI-Slovenia | +386 5 66 90 213 | SI-6271 | #EM#64606f736d6b61477c607e7e7f7d627a633f717c79#EM#



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The Titus Group develops, manufactures and markets innovative precision components solutions that improve competitiveness of its customers in various industries. Through innovative product design, high-volume manufacturing expertise and efficient service, business partners are enabled to improve their productivity and quality as well as reduce costs of assembly, manufacturing and other processes

Titus dampers are designed, engineered and manufactured in Titus Group main manufacturing facility, located in central Europe, in Slovenia at the Adriatic coast, with direct access to main European highway network, the port of Koper and  few airports. A global support to customers is enabled by a network of 14 affilates in 12 countries.

UK based Titus Group with 14 affilates in UK, US, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Spain, China, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia
Core busines
Innovative precision components´ solutions
Business activities                   Furniture hardware 
Hydraulic dampers
Automated assembly systems,
Die-casting technologies
Precision die casting

The Titus Business Vision
The world’s best engineering for precision components  

The Titus Business Mission 
To provide manufacturers with components solutions that improve  competitiveness


Over 120 million € / year
70 countries
World-wide supportUK, US, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Spain, China, Australia,  New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore 

Titus Group has decades of tradition in partnering with furniture manufacturers on innovative cabinets connectors, concealed hinges and soft-closing mechanisms.The precision engineering competence gained in the field of furniture hardware has been leveraged in the development of technologies and products for multi-purpose damping technology, precision die casting, automated assembly systems, tooling and ultrasound fastening technology in various industries such as furniture, home appliances, bathroom products, automotive components, medical devices and other areas.

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