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Titus d.o.o. Dekani, SI-Slovenia | +386 5 66 90 213 | SI-6271 | #EM#64606f736d6b61477c607e7e7f7d627a633f717c79#EM#

The experience and expertise accumulated through providing solutions for soft, silent and safer opening/closing motion in diverse applications can be used for solving the most demanding challenges in adding a damping feature to home products. The modular design enables quick development of customised solutions.
A range of off-the-shelf damper components, springs, piston rods, pistons, housings, caps, valves and connectors are used to compose a damper fine-tuned to specific needs of customer’s applications. Titus specialty knowledge in precision components engineering can be exploited for design of additional accessories, like custom trigger mechanisms or housings, which facilitate installation or performance of dampers.